Leadlight Classes/ Term 4 approx. start Monday21/10 or 28/10.

Established 1988



Ph. Michael (03) 93917269.

138 Blackshaws Road

South Kingsville


Vic 3015

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Glass Mosaics Starting again. email for details re classes.

Term 4 approx. start Monday~ 28/10.

Birthday & Christmas Gift Vouchers Available for leadlight Classes and Leadlight tools.

Voucher Can be email out all you have to do is print.

** Leadlight Classes.
Projects done in class**
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Glass Mosaic Classes

Copper Foil Classes.


Cheque. Cash. Direct Dep. Pay pal.


Term 4 approx. start Monday21/10 or 28/10.

Sent details and will put you on waiting list. Michael @ ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm
Also Will be starting new Thursday Am Class
.(( min no 4))

7 is the max no of Students per Class.

Fees for Leadlight Classes New Students $330.00.

$230.00 for ongoing students.

Leadlight Classes are Ongoing and can join mid term if there is a spot left in class.

Private lessons $50.00 per hour, minimum 2 hours (( Materials $20.00 extra ))

Part time or one off classes $40.00.only if there is a spot in class.

There will be no make up classes once the term is finished.

You can only make up a class, if there is room on other night and class not full.

Closed toe shoes are a must if not on will have to go home to get some.

Caution pregnant women should consult their doctor prior to enrolling in any form of leadlight class.

Would be better too put off doing classes altogether.

Dr Certificate is required for those who wish to attend classes

Leadlight classes run 4 times per year in 7 weeks blocks.

Term 4 Monday 28/10.

Class information:

**All Materials Supplied for first two projects. (Also new Toyo glass cutter which will be yours to kept at the end of the term)
Beginners Class:
During this course you will learn the techniques of leadlight construction.
The Term will run 7 weeks.(( 6/45pm/9/15pm))

A class can only be made up if there is room in another class at the time.

There will be no make-up of classes when the term has ended.

New Students $330.0000 (A new glass cutter will be yours to kept at the end of the term).
(($230.00 for ongoing students.))
Also you will need gloves safety glasses and a black felt pen ( These you can buy from the reject shop approx. cost $10.00 I always have them here if you forget all other tools supplied.
$100.00 Deposit will secure a spot in class, an email will be sent when payment is received to confirm.
All fees to be paid by the 1st week of term.( Put in as Term 3 fees 2018 plus your name)**

**Closed toe shoes are a must for safety.
Caution: pregnant women should consult their doctor prior to enrolling in any form of leadlight class.

It’s not advisable to deal with lead during pregnancy.

Feel free to call if you need any more info 03 93917269**

Part Time Students $40.00.only if class not full.

All Materials Supplied for first two projects need only buy.

Gloves for Soldering.
Safety glasses.
Felt Black Pen N50.
All other tools supplied.**

Will start off with practice cutting glass.

1.Start Cutting Glass for panel.
2. Leading up.
3. Soldering.
4. Puttying and polishing leadlight panel.
If you do a copper foil project with one off your panels instead off lead we will use copper foil. Need to buy Solder.$18.00.

First Learning Panels.


DEPOSIT MONIES ONLY RETURNED IF Classes are CANCELLED, all fees to be paid on first night.

++ No Refund off fees once the Term has started.

++Term 4 start Monday 28/10.

Tuesday AM class 9.45am. 12/15pm. Booked

Tuesday .6.45pm.9/15pm.Booked

Wednesday PM.~6.45pm-9/15pm. ((Copper Foil & Mosaic & Leadlight Classes )) Booked

New Class Thursday Am.~ 9.45pm- 12/15pm. Min 3 no to start. Taking booking for term 4

New Class Thursday Pm~ 6.45PM - 9/15 PM. / 4 spots left. Taking booking for term 4


For Sale Leadlight GLASS SUPPLIES & Leadlight Tools

Everything from clear float glass, mirror, and textured window glass cut to size, also laminating to a huge variety of coloured art glass, mosaic supplies, tools, grinders, books & more.
All Tools can be posted.
Payment. Direct Deposit, CHEQUE, PAY PAL,

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