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Glass Magic Workshops will be starting again.


B_1.jpg ~small.jpg~Glass_Magic_Mirror_1.jpg~Glass Magic Projects.

Glass Magic is Fun and easy to do as there is no glass cutting .

Make Sure the glass is clean use the thinners to clean your glass before you start to lead up, if it is a cold day i found using a hair dryer to warm the glass helps the lead to stick better.

Glass_stain.jpg 500ml Tin.~Glass_Stain_25oml.jpg250ml Tin.
Glass Stains colours.

Clear, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White & Black
Other Sizes .
100ml .~$18.50.
250ml .~$32.50.
500ml .~$54.90.
4 litres.~$400.00

The UV Protection is already in the stains, all Glass Magic Stains are mixable and are applied with the eyedroppers applicaters to the design.

Stain Applicators Pkt of 2. $9.50
Useing eyedroppers to apply the stain to design.
If you get air Bubbles in your stain you can suck out with the eyedropper.
--Hgh_Profile_lead_canes.jpg~Hi Profile Lead:
Hi Profile Lead:
Single Strip 1 meter x1~ $5.004mm.Single Strip.
1metre x 9 Strips=9meters.$35.00
6mm.Single Strip.1 meter x 6 Strips=6meters.$35.00
6mm.Single Strip.1 meter=$5.00Can also be sold as single strips.
side, and the 6mm width Lead has six strips side by side. The strips are easily separated with a sharp snap-off blade knife.
TO cut the strips get an old piece off glass and put the lead on the glass,using a snap knife start front the center and cut along the grooves until the lead is cut then do the other half until it is separated,do not try to cut with your first score,do in a few scores as it will be easier to cut.
Snap_blade_Knife.jpg~Snap off blade knife.
Lead knife use to cut lead when working on design.$30.00

Stain Thinners MEK
250ml~ $15.50
500ml~ $23.00

Solder 60/40 250 grm x1.5 Dia.$17.50.
You can use 3mm dia or 1.5 dia solder
Use a 60 watt soldering iron or a 80 watt temp control soldering iron to apply solder to joints
I have used an 80 watt iron and it has not burned the lead.
To apply solder to joints,first use a cotton bud and dab flux to joints and solder your joints
The Patina is use to blacken the lead and solder joints it is apply before the stains are apply,you can also use copper patina.

Black Patina
250 ml Bottle~$28.50.

Laco Liquid Flux .
Water Soluble for easy clean up.
4 oz Bottle $38.50.

Catalogue of Designs can be used for glass magic and leadlight designs.
(currently In printing )

KITS not allowed to be posted, they and all Glass Magic Products containing stain, thinners and patina can only be freighted through Mainfreight.
Can post the lead and other items such as rollers, applicators, books,etc.

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